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What my students have to say:

Tayo, SDN Architect

Verified Customer

Mike is the best, it doesn't get better than this, wish this course came earlier as it would have saved me paying for other NSX courses

John, Network Engineer

Verified Customer

The course content is superb, and I have not been able to find any other training that comes even close in terms of completeness and being up to date. No hesitation whatsoever in recommending to others

Luke, Virtualization Lead

Verified Customer

Mike does a flawless job of introducing one to a general virtual networking environment, through the very basics of NSX-T right up to a point where one can comfortably deploy and administer an NSX-T environment efficiently.





I love teaching people. I started TechBytes after my "NSX-T Fundamentals" course on Udemy exploded! I was shocked by the reaction, and I decided at that point that I needed to continue making world-class training. I also run the YouTube channel NRDY Tech where I provide free education on all things VMware.

My approach to training is simple: simple explanations, lots of hands-on demonstrations, and I believe that to understand, sometimes you have to break things! With my courses, you won't find any long-winded explanations or "death by powerpoint." What you will find, is an engaging instructor who cares about your progress, and most importantly, knows enough about VMware technologies to save you the headaches of learning as you go and fast track your progress. 


Through my combination of video-based training and live training, I'm completely confident in my product, and hope you'll give it a try.