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VCP-NV 2022 Study Guide

Updated: Mar 25

I failed you all. I created this post on VCP-NV 2022 study materials, and I looked back at it, and realized there was so much more I was leaving out. So, I created another! I hope this very thorough guide helps you!

If you're preparing to take your VCP-NV in 2022, I know the struggle you're going through - a lack of study materials! Now, most people would think that this is the part where I plug my own VMware NSX-T Training on techbytes, but to be honest - that training is designed to get you 85% there - the other 15%, is from reading and understanding the technologies through your own labbing.

So with todays post, I decided to compile ALL of the best VCP-NV 2022 study materials that I can find across the internet. The goal is for this to be a very thorough and complete list of things that will help you pass your exam.

How to pass the VCP-NV 2022

Official NSX-T Design Guide (Read this over and over!)
Official NSX-T Multisite/Federation Design Guide
NSX-T Federation Course by Techbytes
Official NSX-T 3.1 Administration guide
*NOTE: The test is on 3.0, but I'd recommend studying this one as 99% of content is the same, and your skills will be up to date!

Helpful YouTube Videos:
My "famous" NSX-T 3.0 from Scratch playlist
Configuring backups in NSX-T 3.x
L2 Bridging in NSX-T
How Overlay Networking works
Understanding NSX-T Transport Zones
NSX-T Routing Basics (with whiteboard)

Hands-on-labs @ VMware (highly recommended!)

*NOTE: If you just see an "HOL-" number, you must register for an account at first

NSX-T "Getting Started"
NSX-T Networking Fundamentals (HOL-2225-01-NET)
NSX-T Advanced Networking (HOL-2225-02-NET)

Stuff you should know but not as important as the above stuff:
Overview of NSX Container Plugin
Installation overview of NSX Container Plugin (NCP)

NSX Cloud Architecture & Components
Overview of Deploying NSX Cloud
NSX Cloud Enforcement Modes, Quarantine, and Modes of Deployment

Everything you'd ever want to know about HCX (Written by a Product Manager)
*NOTE: You need to understand what HCX is, why you'd use it, and what scenarios it can help with - not all the nitty gritty details!

Free Introduction Workshop to Avi / NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Hosted by VMware)
*NOTE: Same as HCX, you just need to know what Avi is, what benefits it brings, etc. It's NOT the same as the default NSX native LB

Cloud Foundation Architecture
What is VMware Cloud Foundation?
Cloud Foundation Lightboard Video


I hope this list was helpful, and I sincerely wish you the best of luck in your studies! I'll be updating this last overtime and probably building it out even more, but the current list is more than enough to get you through your exam!


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