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How to get the VCP-NV without taking a class

Have you been considering getting your VMware Certified Professional, also known as the VCP? If you're anything like me, you probably ventured over to the VMware certification website and found that in order to get your VCP, you have to take a single exam - and - a $4,300 class through VMware, or one of their training partners. Check the screenshot out below, specifically Step 2.

Screenshot from the VMware Certification site showing the process

While I am a big fan of learning, I'm not a fan of being forced to take a class when I don't feel that it's necessary. Thankfully, though, VMware has built a pretty nice loophole into the system.

The loophole

Here's the trick. If you possess a current Cisco certification - specifically the CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE, you can submit proof of certification and therefore be exempt from taking the required class for your VCP exam - if you plan on taking the VCP-NV.

So if you want your VCP-NV, it's easy - just submit your CCNA/CCNP/CCIE, and go take your VCP-NV..done! But what if you want a different VCP? Well, technically, this loophole only applies to the NV (NSX) track, but there is a way around it still.

For those going after non-Network Virtualization VCP's:

Let's say you're going for the VCP-DCV (Data Center Virtualization), and really don't want to take a required class, or don't have the funds or employer support to do it. If that's you - you can follow the process like this:

  • If you have a Cisco cert (or get one!), you can start with the VCP-NV track.

  • Once you have your VCP-NV, you can then go take the VCP-DCV (using the VCP-NV as your prerequisite)

It's a bit more difficult, but if you follow this process, it can work - and hey, you get one more certification under your belt!

Best Training Resources for the VCP

If you're


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