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Best VCP-NV study materials for 2022

Let's face it - if you've been learning or working with NSX-T at some point, you've considered certification. If you haven't - it might be worth a look! Certification is a fantastic way to show employers what you know. That is exactly what drove me to acquire two CCIE's and the VCP-NV - it wasn't about money, it was about showing "what" I know on my resume.

That said, if you find yourself wondering how to pass the VCP-NV, or what are the best study materials for the VCP-NV- read below for my curated list of top resources (both free and paid).

Official VMware NSX Blog

If I were to summarize the VCP-NV exam, I'd say - you need to know a little in terms of depth, over a wide area when it comes to NSX-T. For example, you don't need to know how to deploy EVERY feature of NSX-T, but you DO need to know the capabilities of the product very well. For that kind of information, following the official VMware NSX blog is a great idea.

NSX-T Fundamentals Course by TechBytes

One of the most confusing parts about NSX-T, is the terminology and new concepts that are introduced. In this course, I walk you through the full deployment of NSX-T from scratch. If you're new to NSX-T, this is a great first step to learning NSX-T. Also, don't forget to check out Part Two of this course, which covers NSX security functionality. It's probably worth mentioning, that this course is based on 3.0, so if you want the newer security topics - check out the NRDY Tech YouTube below.

TechBytes NSX-T Federation Course

Part of what makes NSX-T exciting, is its ability to stretch networks across multiple physical locations. In this course, you'll learn how to do exactly that - but also how to deploy federation, and secure VM workloads that span multiple sites.

Official VMware NSX-T Design Guide

I regularly call the official NSX-T Design Guide the "bible" of NSX-T. It's written by product managers at VMware, so you know that it is technically accurate. When it comes to understanding how edge node HA works, or how uplink design works on edges - or how many uplink VLANs you need for your T0 - this is the document you need. Download it, save it, and read it!

VMware Hands On Labs (HOL)

If you're going to take the VCP-NV, you need to run through the official NSX-T Hands-on-labs at least 2 times per lab. Accounts are free, and you can play with NSX-T to your hearts content.

Check out the following HOL labs:

  • NSX-T Getting Started

  • NSX-T Networking Fundamentals

  • NSX-T Advanced Networking

Shank Mohan's Blog

If you haven't seen Shank's blog, you're missing out! He covers a lot of NSX-T content in extreme technical depth. This is a fantastic resource as you start to build your lab and want to see how someone else has done it.

NRDY Tech YouTube

I'm a little biased - yes, this is my youtube channel. I post a lot of NSX-T content, and not just screenshare - but using actual video, whiteboarding, and yes, screenshare with demo's and deployments. Either way, I have a lot of fun making these videos, and I upload weekly.


Alright, so I gave you some resources to get you started on your path to the VCP-NV, so it's time for some closing advice to pass your VCP-NV the first time!

Mike's Top VCP-NV Advice for 2022:

  • Read the official Design Guide

  • Take my course (if you can afford it. If not, watch my youtube)

  • Do the Official NSX-T HOLs a few times

  • Don't forget to learn about NSX-T as it relates to bare metal, containers, and public cloud! These are all testable items on the exam!

That's all! Happy Testing!


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